maybe that's not important at all. (some of it might be though. somehow.)

the hallway smells as if a pack of hyenas had spent the night going after a nursing home of tuna fish. the morning would have then been spent devouring the carcasses, leaving that signature scent of wild animal mixed with fish rot. it could be worse. of course. fig tree incents make for a good morning. had two of the plum colored sticks going at once. one held upright by three little ceramic tiles stacked inside of a shell, the other one protruding from the crotch of the little iron bunny amy gave me for christmas a few years ago. he is a hot little bunny guy. oh, the good saturday morning. the sun rose in in what looked like very unround shapes. it at first resembled a bean, then an air cushion that makes a new york city bus kneel, then a bit like one of those early fertility sculptures. now it is a blazing disk again, with that bright blue plate dancing in front of it, but only when i make myself stare at it. (if i do not, it remains the gigantic life accelerating star at the approximate center of something, somehow, somewhere.) the new york times came with a green issue of the magazine today, which is too complex of an equation for me to translate into words. a magazine. green. are they as related as ultraviolet and infrared? or is it all about the light?... my brain is too tiny to give me a the proper hint at that. my thermometer refused to give temperature readings for a few days. at first there was a blinking 70F on the display for the outside, while there were goosebumps on the leaves of my jades. then the temperature reading turned into a more honest "---." i thought about calling the manufacturer, but it took me some good old time. the thermometer (it is more of a weather station really,) seemed to be fine, except that all of its wireless communication had been knocked off (it listens to an outside sensor as well as to a mysterious atomic clock somewhere.) then yesterday the wifi connection on my luptup went down, making me immediately book an audition with one of the priests at the 57th street apple genius bar. my last mac book pro had also refused to recognize its airport card about 2.5 years ago, (which made me a burned child.) apple ended up giving me a completely new computer. we are talking new model and all. (which made me a smiling child with some ornamental scarification.) yesterday the issue thankfully turned out to be just a software glitch. i was given a conversation from high priest greg, as well as a freshly plucked battery. really, a new one! just for showing up for confession. toby is on my balcony now. he is a small jade guy who seems to want to commit suicide through starvation. the sun is helping me now to bring him back from his pre-shamanic state. he will hopefully make it. more lemon trees planted this morning (=pits from lemons stuck next to already grown lemon plants in the same pots.) marvelled at the brilliantly (or would the right word be "emeraldly") green leaves which sprang from the buds of the little orphan tree which had planted itself in an empty pot placed on the fire escape in my previous apartment. the light here must be better in a way much beyond what i can comprehend. the same tree did not open its buds until mid august at the other place. which reminds me that there might be a very gentle connection between the words "budzik," (which means "alarm clock" in polish,) bud, (which is a sleepy idea of a set of leaves ready to spring to life at a hopefully perfect moment in time,) and buddha, (which means "the awakened one" in sanskrit, i think?) a pigeon had just called me to help it find the seeds i had buried in a shallow pot for germination. we had a brief interspecies interaction about that new found bird detective luck. i hope the seeds spring to life at some point. we collected some of them near that massive tree on coney island avenue and it would be nice to see it have tiny children on my balcony. i should have probably not gotten up at 5:30 this morning. maybe i could go out and kick some pavement on my little scooter. i wonder if the hallway still stinks. maybe that's not important at all. and neither is much of the other stuff just mentioned. (though some really is.)

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