What not to write about.

One of the things one should not write about is about the tools one uses to write. Is this one of the golden rules of blogging? B
ut the tools are fascinating sometimes. I am writing this on a very small device, and the keyboard I am using is not attached to anything. The small device has no hard drive, it has no real spell checker (at least not in this blogging software) and the keyboard decides to capitalize certain letters now and then, just for fun. M
Y screen is to tiny, I can pretty much see only one sentence at a time, and so the experience is a rather intimate one. ANd the writing is probably very odd. I will laugh about all this here, once I return to the larger tools. RIght now the feeling is of a secret transmission to a very close friend, someone trapped inside of a tiny box, somewhere on a very far away island. M
Aybe I will take a picture of the setup later. MAybe not. (That random capitalization is getting on my nerves.)... I
t is getting a little late. I ThInK It Is TiMe To JuSt TuRn ThIs LiTtLe BuDdY OfF. : )

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