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aliens are breeding in my eye lid. there is a purple bump where things should look rather smoothly. the left eye had been bent out of shape for a while now but since yesterday it is looking rather freakish. i had to let my parents know. they will be here on sunday and since there is a 0% chance of this condition going away by then i did not want to shock them. My mother is now going to bring my grand mother's special ring (made out of gold) and then this ring will be rubbed in the direction of the nose, while my father is going to sacrifice a few bats. (okay, I made up the bat part.) There will also be some chamomile involved and some special curses and prayers, i guess. I love time travel. One minute we are in 2005 another we are in 965. Once my grandmother's ring reveals that i have actually been cursed, wrath will unleash over those who dared to attack my innocent left eye. I will probably just end up going to the doctor anyway. and if just to get that experience of blindness for a little while. (An guy here at the office had both of his big toe nails torn off the other day. How bad could an eye lid operation really be?) huzzah

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