another friday night.

She emerged herself in the warm and milky water until hands and her knees became islands in an enamel bay. She could see a wall of flowers from here. They were not very far. The possibility of showers was there... well, one shower at least... The unpleasant sensation she had the entire day would soon give way to a soothing warmth and calm. She would soon find herself in a place where she could spend more time thinking... maybe a tiny bit less feeling... or would she spend more time feeling, and less thinking? She did not know the difference right now, and she had the feeling that it was better this way. Outside, the night was just as cloudy. The city emerged in a milky substance, much thinner of course than the friday night bath, but more breathable, perhaps? Lucy was using her good hand to fish for bottles in the tub filled with icy water. Soon there would be the usual visitors at the bar. Some of them speaking Polish. Others not quite admitting their ability to do so. The milky substance was warm and soothing. The evening would be a very calm one. For some... maybe no rain would fall... but a drop or two would fall... salty raindrops. It might be a good idea to just do something to forget this evening actually exists. Maybe somebody would come out and find him at Lucy's?... Impossible is nothing.


...and so, did she ever find him?

I so hope she did... did she?

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