This is really so very scary.

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It really is not easy to write when on the 65th anniversary of the beginning of World War II, when there are men on television naming most deadly weapons systems as if they were angels protecting this country. Among other things, but don't even get me started... I have seen speeches like this before. Maybe in other languages, maybe on faded celluloid. Please, there has to be a way to let those after us know that Madison Square Garden is not the Sportpalast.

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It's amazing how a nation's historical memory can be made so conveniently short-term to suit those in search of power.

Oh yes it is. Denial isn't getting us anywhere. And its the proper propaganda, over generations, quiet, brainwashing powers. And don't think...who was arnold's father...who was georgie's grand-daddy? you think you loose a war like that and tell the generation after you that you were wrong and they were rite? no you come up with a new plan and try again. even if it will take 100 years. even if it is on different soil. these are not stupid people. recognizing that is the first step in kicking their ass.

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