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A man in a washed out light blue jean outfit and a large rimmed cowboy hat is sorting the portions of the bulldog, the sunday version of the New York Times. He is inside of the Chase Manhattan branch, here on Broadway and 96th. Rite Aid is not open yet, the pharmacy is ready for easter, the window packed with bunnies, colorful sugar eggs, adult size diapers, and water purifying filters under a parade of photographs of people professionally holding their chins. I have the feeling that I can traust them as pharmacists even though I can not read what the messages are that were printed onto the posters in a point size that cuts into the heads. The beggar wrapped in layers and layers of dark clothing that looks soiled even from here, has so far made a single dollar. It looks like he will need to wait there a little longer. The foot traffic is just not heavy enough right now and those walking by seem to completely ignore him. The flashing sign over the open entrance of the Subway station is rotating commercials for an LG cellphone, The New York Times Job Market, and "Britney Spears' true love" (which includes close up of air being blown over somebody's pink-colored silk lingerie, very flowy on the hips.) The beggar just had another transaction. It was a long one, with a kid, the outcome appears to be rather small change. Oh, there, a group of people just gave the man a whole bunch of something... It is below freezing. The pharmacy just opened. The people who entered it looked nothing like those on the message heavy posters. Some truck is backing up not far away from here. The cowboy seems to be taking a break from sorting his Newspapers. Time to take a short walk outside. The plant I am filming now just waved its leaves as they untangled... as if I did not know that everything was in motion...

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