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This is probably a very temporary entry, as it contains a movie of almost a megabyte (hello bandwidth!). A little spider plant which I saved from an office a few years ago is now in the third generation or so and it also likes to shoot out these explorer shoots, these extended probes, searching for new soil. I pointed a camera at one of these suspended fauna explorers... and using the quite brilliant software EvoCam, shot a movie that turns 50 minutes into one second. It is not a scientific movie, clearly, the light is from the window, the floor is the wooden floor, the plant is actually pretty much out of focus... But it is nice to see, that as the plant is growing (it grows almost a centimeter in a day, it seems,) it is also moving sideways, as if it were looking for something. It is also interesting to see that the plan t is more active in the morning than in the afternoon, something that makes sense, but which I never thought of. So, I wonder if anybody will be able to play the following little movie...

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Witold Riedel has posted a film which captures the enormous and subtle beauty of a plant moving towards the sun as light passes across a room. Read More


that is beautiful :)
looks like it is reaching for the remote or the last piece of chocolate cake, can't quite get there :)

Such gentle slow movements by plants. We miss a lot by running in a different time range.

Simply gorgeous. I would recommend listening to Sigur Ros BA BA TI KI DI DO when you watch it.

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