The anonymous comment test


Today and tomorrow, you will not have to leave any personal information to comment on this blog. So feel free to comment on anything, in any way, tell it like it is, do the right thing. (I will probably still remove death threats and the like, but otherwise. Go ahead, speak up, door is open!)
You can even start with this post.



it's not anonymous
IP addresses are not anonymous.


my anonymous post, not from griff.

What? Me worry? ;-)

my IP 'is' anonymous, it's dynamic!!!

(from Splog)

Looks like I will need to post a privacy policy on the site. I am not going to go after your IP addresses, unless you do something really horrible... but then all that might happen is an IP ban... oh, and I will remove the comment.
After all, this site is my home...
: )


comments are such odd things on the web, supposedly welcomed when one there is a screen and a sense of distance between the commentor and the writer, but after awhile when a "community" or a "connection" is established, it loses a certain flavor doesn't it ? and it can backfire, because perhaps there is a chance that one are no longer writing for the same purpose and the same supposed audience that one started with.

censorship ?

one is not one are, and cross out the one in the beginning bad grammar, my apologies

Is this a test to see if people are refraining from commenting because they do not wish to share their personal info? Because if so, then this post does not count, because I have never been here before.

I wish you would change the 600x250 image on the blog main page. Because you are depriving us.

see, now we’re talking... :)

here, here!

yeah, there are new pictures hidden in the catalogue, and they are hard to find. witold: is your propaganda/PR department on vacation? why not rotate them here on the blog more frequently?

I think he would except maybe he is busy helping people with his kindness of one a day.

Has anyone seen Wit's older archives and the blue and green leaf banner? its lovely.

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