there was no ATM service at the Chase branch on 96th street. So not only did I have to walk over to CitiBank on the northeast corner, I also had to now pay $1.50 for it. The man before me just walked away, leaving his information on the screen. He had $1,629.50 in his account. I pressed the cancel button. The ATM treated me like a bank robber, showed me a large graphic of a screw driver on its angled low screen. I waited. “How can I help you?” I glanced into the dark mirror in front of me. There was an inch long dark streak extending from my mouth. I wiped it off with two fingers of my left hand. It was bright red, watery, fresh blood. “How can I help you?” on a blue screen... Maybe not.


alles ok?!

or was it just some basic, every-day, random bleeding from the mouth?

are you ill ?
are you all right ?
it wasn't a joke ?
hope all is well

Well, I am ok. I must have scratched my lip. My blood is really thin these days because I have been giving in to my onion addiction. I really like eating onions. Raw onions clean my blood, give me a good and healthy kick and thin my blood. I must have over done it somehow. I am ok... I am ok... eating carrots now...
(ok, just had a quarter of an onion.)

well, I was also wondering if anybody still reads this blog. I am glad to see you back here.

why I read it breakfast, lunch and dinner. : )

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