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One of my camera lucida ink drawings on shikishi paper is the featured artwork of the week on reFresh : reLoad ®, the really excellent interactive Art-Screensaver gallery by Dom Murphy. Several of my pieces are in rotation, but being featured feels really special. In order to view more of the work curated by Dom, download the screensaver, install it, and let it randomly display one of the more than 300 pieces of art, design and illustration by probably about 100 artists. If you like a piece on your screen, one click will bring you to the artist’s site.
If you would like to have your work displayed in this context and reach an audience of about 5000 interested users around the world, follow the very simple submission instructions.


Outstanding Witold!! That is fantastic! Keep up the creativity!!!!!!!

Excellent news! I must say, on this visit I got the dragonfly image, which is really unbelievably beautiful. You know what would be great (though perhaps a pain to code) would be if there were just a few images that showed up very very rarely. That's what this one feels like: just a bit of luck.

hey! i've never seen the dragonfly... : |

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