der name der Festplatte.


The name of my Teddy bear was just teddy bear (mis). My hard drives used to be named after the rooms I lived in + number... I stopped it after room7 however, because it just did not seem quite right. Then I partitioned my drive and called the partitions after home entertainment systems. Playstation, Xbox, TheCube. That was not the greatest thing either and after I decided to just make them one drive I called the united drive... “united”... how creative...
Now I renamed my drive “daily” and changed the icon to a rice bowl. Still not quite happy. What is the name of your drive? Does your computer have a name? Any stickers on it? Does it have a name?


My computer doesn't have a name, unless it's in harms way, then I scream "MY BABY!" As for stickers, it looks like I'm going to have to have this monitor forever since there are so many meaningful stickers stuck to it. From a modrobes campaign, "I want you in my pants"; another from a company my family business works with; lots of glow-in-the-dark space ships and aliens and post-it notes, lots and lots of post-it notes +o)

In the pre-OS X days (wow, that was a long time ago!) I named my hard drives and ZIPs with names and words from Moby Dick. Pequod, Queequeg, Ahab, Starbuck, etc. When I intalled the X Beta, I partitioned the main drive in half, installed one OS on each (X and 9) and named them blandly "X Drive" and "9 Drive."

Now I have a single partition on my G4 iMac and a bland hard drive name (iMac G4) under the iMac icon from Iconfactory's World of Aqua.

since the dawn of macs on my desk i have a partion devoted to fonts: disaster area (named after the loudest band in the universe, thx to douglas adams). it's nice to know that my fonts never get corrupted, since nothing is changing on the partition. every now and than it's also my computer's name.

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