an imprint


There is a very peculiar imprint on my right underarm this morning. It is a little reddish and even gray. There are two parallel lines that are maybe half an inch apart from each other. I really thought it was nothing, that I must have slept on my arm again, as for decades now, since I was a child. My right hand is actually becoming weaker and weaker maybe because it does not get enough blood at night, when it is trapped under my heavier and heavier body.
I first saw the imprint a few hours ago, when I went to bother my eye. And now the imprint is still there, in a place mainly visible to me, like the signature of a forgotten dream I must have had last night. Maybe?


hmm...there are many types of imprints actually, not all of them seen..and do you truly sleep on the same side... do for a very long time, until i really began to feel this setting in of habit in my body. I have been sleeping only on my other side, or better, on my back, since (about one year), and it has made such an enormous difference. our body is here to carry us through this life, it so faithfully serves our every need, we should only respond by taking good care of it in return, yes?

My sister would have a recurring dream when she was little that she was a giant in some far away land, and she had giant thumbs. When she would wake up, her thumbs were always swollen to twice their size.

"I first saw the imprint a few hours ago, when I went to bother my eye"

And what exactly is bothering one's eye? ; )

*i did for a very long time, ...

it's healthier to sleep on the right side so as not to weight down the heart

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