72nd street.

I remember when I first came to the upper west side, to take a look at some appartments. I took the express from Times Square, where I happened to live back then and it was just one short stop to 72nd street. The station was tiny, the stairs were very narrow, the station house felt very original. There was the Ansonia, Verdi Square, Big Apple Bank. It was love at first sight. I moved to a tiny brownstone apartment on 73rd street shortly after and the 72nd street station became “my station”. It was one of the first stations in the system actually. I felt very special to be able to enter my commute through such historic piece of New York. Today, for the first time since 1904, this station house was closed. There is a new one now, the station on 72nd street has a much wider platform, the new Station allows for transfers between uptown and downtown trains. I live one express stop further uptown. 96th street is my stop now. I took the train to 72nd today, just to take a look at the new station house now located between 72nd and 73rd on Broadway. It mimics in shape the old station house, but it is made completely out of Glas and iron, a large glass house, bright and open. Not quite a cozy as the old one used to be. The original station house will reopen to the public in March. It will be then restored again, and it will be not completely responsible for all the masses of people who use the 72nd street station. It might be time now to get some help with the 96th street stop. Maybe in the next 100 years.

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