Just tried a little piece of software that was supposed to find words in my phone number. (Our non American readers might like to know that it is possible to dial words with a phone keyboard in America. The numbers from 2-0 have letters assigned to them. This makes it easier to remember certain phone numbers. While it might be not very easy to remember 1-800-225-5288, it is very easy to remember 1800-call-ATT...or 1-800-GO-FEDEX... or 1-800-pick-UPS. Companies in the states use this method to burn their phone numbers into the memories of consumers.)
The software worked at my 1-212-749-9593 number for about 15 minutes and came up with 59(!) such brilliant word combinations like: 21-A-SHY-95-ZE, or 21-BP-49-95-YE. I wonder if it would help anyone to remember my number if I told them that it was 212-SIX-95-WE. Hmm, looks like I will just need to keep telling people my email which is 21ASHY-95-ZE(at)witoldriedel.com... (all easier names were taken.) I actually never answer my phone anyway. Ok, rarely.


So, what was that software? I have tried one of those before and came up with nonsense - but in my case, garbage-in-garbage-out! ;-)

It took me ages to realise how you would dial 0-800-ATT etc, it was only when I got a mobile phone and started to text people did I realise what was going on.

There are also a number of Web sites which offer this same "service." Here's one: http://www.phonespell.org/phoneSpell.html

this site is MUCH better than the application. And it knows words like Pixie, which is a really good sign. Still no good words in my number.
Some of the Limo services however spell into some scary stuff. Check out 212 777 7777 and the much more versatile 212 666 6666. Scary isnít it? I will stop using either one.

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