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Wow, just pressed this wrong button here on the keyborad and all that was published was The title of this post as well at the link to the site of (the one and only, wickedly smart and funny): Todd Levin. So what might have looked like the announcement of some twisted event for all of you who can not wait and just click on any link that pops up on weblogs or was in fact supposed to be the announcement of Todd’s show tonight. (There will be others performing too, but there will also be other people in the audience, not just you, so relax.) I am just going to quote Todd this time, because I have to fix this dangerous post here. He also says it much better than me. Here we go:


that's how i feel about THE INDUSTRY ROOM, the weekly comedy showcase
in NYC's west village. i'll be performing there again this THURSDAY,
SEPTEMBER 26th, on their last show before a multiple month hiatus.
that means you have lost the right to email me back with "i'll go next
time" unless you add a parenthetical "psyche" at the end. here are the

Thursday, September 26th, 8:30PM ***TONIGHT!***
at The Village Lantern (downstairs)
167 Bleecker Street (corner of Bleecker and Sullivan)

tickets are $10, which includes a free drink ticket. that means
tickets are $5, or $6 if you drink domestic. and that takes some of
the sting out, doesn't it? it's a really fun show, and a kindly crowd.
i'd recommend it over those other, shitty shows where the host spits
kool-aid on your date for a big laugh.

i love you to (accidental) death,

As for the softly blown i love you to (accidental) death, kiss, this is an announcement he sent to several people (among them fans, groupies, and influential publishers). He is neither the one who sent the flying SUV to get me in the middle of the night, nor is Todd (or I..., I think..., as far as I know...) gay. (But, who knows? and does it matter? Aaaargh... self censorship is suicide.)...

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oops. i should apologize. witold, you've cut and paste the mistake i accidentally cut and pasted when i originally sent out that email. the date of the show is TONIGHT, September 26th. not august 29th. (obviously, i guess, though people have already sent me nitpicky responses about it.)

thanks for promoting me. as a result, i will not use this stage appearance as an opportunity to publicly malign you...this time.

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