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This is just a test post. The blog is now moved. It is not completely functional, but it is on a new server. Hmm. And you might be able to track back to it now... it has been upgraded. Thank yous to Ben Trott for installing it all. I will now ned to try to move the DNS pointer. Argh... so much to learn.

I know this will sound really strange, but it might be a good idea to not comment on this blog until it is completely moved. It seems that some portions of it are still pointing to my old server. When you click on the permalink of this very post for example, you will land on my old server and the post will be a completely different one than this one.

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Still waiting from :: Blog 1.5 :: Witold Riedel :: NYC :: on September 6, 2002 8:38 AM

I wonder how many more days it will take for the DNS to translate. The “forwarding page” was supposed to Read More


test comment.
where will it be stored?

hmm... so the comments seem to be working after all. very confusing.. isn’t it?...
: )

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