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if you have Jaguar installed on your mac, and would like to subscribe to a screensaver featuring some photographs not available on this site, then do the following:
1. go to "screen effects" in your system preferences. (under the apple menu)
2. select .Mac as your Screen Effect
3. click configure and enter "witoldriedel" into the Membership Name field.
4. Make sure witoldriedel | Public Slide Show is selected
5. Click OK and enjoy the (slide)show.
Today’s slide show consists of 16 macro shots taken back in April.
There will be new shows now and then. Surprise, surprise.


what a lovely, lovely surprise. parts of flowers i never knew.... I think I can smell their delicate scent (though maybe tulips do not have such a scent, really, and maybe these are the flowers next to my monitor : )

Nice shots Witold! I will change my sunflower shots soon too, so keep checking "patdoran" 's screensavers too!!

oh :O
I am missing out :(

me, too...
I almost bought the upgrade this weekend, but decided to wait. is it worth it?

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