Broadway closed off.


There will be another street fair here on Broadway today. There will be the generic corn stand, the cheap underwear stand, the bedding stand, the bonsai stand, the fruit mix makers. I hope that the stage with the performers will not face our windows again. Having the best seats in the house is not always a good thing.


Sounds like a Photo Op! Is Fall starting now in NYC? It is starting to get cooler here in So Cal...

i envy you pat (am feeling a bit home sick)!

Well, the opening was away from my windows, thank God. The music was truly fantastic, actually. It was really nice layers of Jazz with all that good stuff.
Then the music ended and it seemed that these rap guys took over. They started announcing what they have and who is going to perform. The only problem was that nobody seemed to actually com on to perform. The ultimate procrastination?
Turns out that the sales people next to the stage somehow managed to get hold of the amplifiers, or some amplifiers. They were selling their products. What sounded like names of artists, were actually doormats.

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