Alex Hefter shoots New York


Even though many of my German friends have now given up on me (out of sight out of mind?), some still stay in touch. I am so glad that Alex Hefter is one of those who still talk, even though I left Germany almost seven years ago.
Alex is one of the important figures in contemporary German design and his influence can be very well seen (with the second eye, at least), as his complete redesign of the largest Television station in Europe has been a mammoth of a project. I am glad that he was able to take some time off in the last month or so and am very glad that some of the days were spent here in New York.
Alex shoots out of passion. He is an incredible photographer. His shots have this incredible sense of humor, just as he does.
I always admired his sense of observation, the incredible ability to be in the right place at the right time.

He sent me one of his shots from New York, and as you can see above, it is nice, complex, witty photography of the right moment and place. In this case a UPS delivery in front of the Loius Vuitton Store on 5th Avenue? I guess?
Picture is not altered.
I hope that I will be allowed to post more of his pictures, but I hope even more that he will make his collection available on his currently closed site,
Alex shoots with a Leica CL, using a crazy Voigtländer Lens (it is 15, or even 12mm, I do not remember). He also shoots with a Hasselblad 500cm.
On this trip, his tool was the new Leica Digilux1. A camera which I did not find very attractive at first, but which now looks pretty tempting.


amazing :)
my eyes popped, then blinked then stared straight at the photo in a trance.
Then I gathered myself enough to read your words.
congratulations, it seems as if your website and domain are behaving demurely

what happened one moment gone the next? does that mean they're back again?
oh i'm not a very "with it" kinda' girl.

the photo is fantastic.

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