a forum for three people?


It turns out that my hosting plan comes with a free forum software setup thingy. Not sure how to describe it better. It is a bit like waferbabyfor everyone (who hosts with aletia). I am currently spending my days and nights at the office and do not get anything done beyond that, but chris managed to turn the key on his new low resolution forum. It is a cute little forum, with a few topics (YOU can change that, by making it big and with many topics!). Right now the forum is called low rez, but it is more of a low attendance numbers. There are three members so far. Two active. I could basically call up Chris and tell him all about it (if I finally managed to remember his number.) I am going to sleep now, but you, yes you, should go to the low resolution forum and join the discussion, or start the discussion. Do something dramatic, come out of the closet, tell the world that you like me. (do you?) It is all allowed. Chris will let you say whatever is there to say. He is cool like that. Cheers. (boy, am I tired)


Thanks for the plug witold. I hope, even in your overworked state, that you saw the design contest I posted. Basically, I need a logo... I hope you will consider competing.

Good luck in the client meeting tomorrow and goodnight.

hi! you've got a really amazing blog! interesting read! excellent work indeed! hope your new forum takes off! all the best. :)

I was there like a shot and posted up a topic! whee!

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