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NYCbloggers is quite an excellent source for blogs around the city. There is really great work out there. Some bloggers truly put their love where their browser is. (Oh, bad writing.) And then there are the not so experienced ones. There is one blog out there that especially caught my eye. It is the highly customizable minimalistic blog by a New Yorker, who is an uneployed writer ( I wonder why, his writing is not all that bad). He is not curretly in New York. He blogs from Reno, Nevada. His mom and dad are there too, making some dinner. I have visited the blog many times now. The colors can be adjusted and the fonts and there is even an option to make new links pop up in a new window... Except there are no links. Pay a visit to the minimalist blog of the day:
AYELET LIKE IT IS : my funny motto : )


LOL! That's a blogger.com template! It is kewl though.

I rather like your layout.


it is one of my favorite blogs out there.
; )
I imagine a different family every time I go.
And it is not difficult. The colors change, and so do my moods while reading. The writing leaves so much to the imagination. It is good fun. Try it for yourself.
One time I see a happy family, where the father, a relaxed, intelligent, retired writer, not unlike his son, takes out the good old hennessy out of a polished walnut bar and pours it into those good old glasses. Another time it is a different family, where the father, an agressive alcoholic with a fireengine red face. He takes the drinks out of a mahagony bar (it is not the wood that defines happiness) and just skips the rocks in the vodka on the rocks. Yet another time it is a happy family in a tent, then a happy family in a casino, then a family under the open sky and so on. With Reno, Nevada, the possibilities are endless. THis blog just inspires my imagination. What will be the next move? What will happen next?

My mind immediately put them in a slightly dilapidated brick apartment building. They’re in a top floor flat with beautiful, marred, hardwood floors. The windows are open. Several fans hum in the background. A large fly buzzes about the father as he mixes and pours margaritas with extra salt. The mother praises green vegetables while pouring dressing over a large, brimming salad bowl. Our blogger sits on a central futon with pine frame, laptop across their knees, pondering the advantages of chlorophyll. They live just around the corner from the most amazing Chinese cuisine in Reno, who doesn’t offer chopsticks with takeout orders unless specifically requested.

Maybe he forgot about it? I wonder how many pre-dinner drinks he had!

Something tells me you'd like this site quite a bit. You can choose your own skin.


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