From Amsterdam to Broadway

Wow Amazon is really going local. I have a cheese omlette at the Broadway Restaurant & Coffee Shop every Saturday and Sunday. (The breakfast special.)
One of the owners used to prepare food at a place called “Amsterdam Restaurant”, just a block or so away where I used to live, on 73rd street. He then moved back to Greece, or at least this was what the new owner wanted us to think. The prices went up, the look of “Amsterdam” changed. We soon moved away, but still kept coming back to “Amsterdam Restaurant”. It was a few weeks after our move to 95th street that I walked up broadway and thought that I might have seen the good old Chef in one of the windows. And there he was. Not only him, but also the other chefs who would prepare the food at “Amsterdam” whenever he was not there. Turns out that they were Cousins and that they had the Broadway Restaurant since maybe the 60’s or so. The place on 73rd street was just a sub-project for one of them.

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