Oh, puppy.

The puppy upstairs loves to play in exactly the spot that happens to be above my head. There are apparently no carpets in apartment 11C. And the puppy is not wearing any socks. It sounds as if... no it sounds like a crazy little dog chasing a ball on a much too polished floor. The park looked pretty incredible right around sunrise this morning. And the geese were celebrating their almost successful suicide mission. A gigantic flock was shouting at each other in the middle of the almost frozen lake. On the other side of the hill, the open air kennel had its meeting. Insane dogs and wild owners shouting names and whistling and clapping their hands. Saw several cardinals in trees just inches away from my head. They did not like the camera. I can not blame them. Would i like to have a box the size of my body held up to me awkwardly for an insanely long period of time? Not much is automatic about my camera, and I do not shoot every day. I was dressed warmly enough to make it to Gros Morne. Today I made it to almost the northern edge of prospect park. The bus took me back to the corner here. It is a holiday. I should have been helping the community, not just bumbling around in the snow. The puppy is done with his game of fetch. Is it really not even 7PM?

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