The Morning News Annual 2008

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The Morning News year-end edition 2008. "Hardbound for lasting excitement, just in time for the holidays. Designed by Jennifer Daniel with illustrations by Witold Riedel, our inaugural 2008 edition features some of our favorite pieces from the year alongside new pieces from TMN writers, including Matthew Baldwin’s invective of spoilers, movie and otherwise; Anthony Doerr’s essay on attempting to savor the offline life; Lauren Frey’s remembrance of a voice gained, then lost; Sarah Hepola’s dissection of the song she keeps on repeat; Elizabeth Kiem’s journey to hurricane-striken Haiti; Todd Levin’s revelation of his family’s too-frequent Disney excursions; Pasha Malla’s op on how the N.C.A.A. beats out the N.B.A.—except when it doesn’t; Nicole Pasulka’s profile of the musician who’s soundtracking the funerals of the future; Clay Risen’s answer to the vacation question; and John Warner’s take on Camille Paglia’s take on video games." (Yes, this is copied and pasted from here.)

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