The other stock photography

Imagine this art project: You use stock photography which is not really stock photography. It is a hidden message, a piece of art created to look like stock photography. The photography includes pictures of a k10k man. Can you make the project reality? Who is the artist? Are you the artist, because you used the tools given and have used your large corporate client to perform a little dance in your secret performance?, Or is actually k10k the artist collective that just made you the tool of their self loving prank? I have the feeling the latter is the case. I also wonder if k10k ever worked with really large clients and if they are aware of how serious and painful the image selection process can be. Especially after 1999.
So while there will probably be plenty of semi big projects with semi real clients, I doubt there is a “real” project with a real Agency and a real client on the horizon here. For this, one might need a tiny bit more stealth and a bit less self-love, my dear k10k friends. Good luck though. ; ) And... keep taking pictures.
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