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This interview was conducted by AI for the “Begleitbuch” for the Exhibition “Ursprünge” at the Heussenstamm Stiftung in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Exhibiton was from May 29th 2024 until June 22nd 2024 at the Heussenstamm Stiftung in Frankfurt, Braubach Straße 34. It was part of the RAY Tienniale of…
ChatGPT interviews Witold Ried…
Jun 21, 2024 (0 Comments)
Everything is interconnected. And everything is interdependent.We are part of an incredibly fortunate few, in a very fortunate era. This is the moment, the time, the place.It is impossible to overstate its significance. The art I create is the expression of a necessity. I am expressing what needs to be…
Here now. Making art. With you…
Sep 26, 2023 (0 Comments)
For the majority of our time as humans we have lived in a profound symbiosis with the Earth. We used rocks to create our tools. Many other natural materials that came directly from the Earth allowed us to survive and to create what became culture. Our life and other life…
Some thoughts toward a ceramic…
Sep 26, 2023 (0 Comments)
Some questions I was asked recently: _Have you ever used AI in your artistic work? If yes, what AI tools do you use and how do you incorporate them into your creations? _ A lot of my work revolves around the idea that everything is interconnected. We are on a…
A conversation about AI in my …
Apr 30, 2023 (0 Comments)
It’s easy to burn candles at both ends. And the applause is lovely for sure. But can you forget that you are a candle and just glow? Can you turn into a circular candle and not even want to be alight ever? Just a fat ring of wax, holding on…
Both ends
Mar 7, 2023 (0 Comments)
It has been barely 24 hours since I turned off the light of the “Offen und Alles und Zusammen” “Open and All and Together” light drawing in the Schlosskirche (Castle-church) in Rumpenheim. I have received an important award for the piece, the Diana 2022 Kunstpreis. The award is especially important…
An unexpected (art) experience
Sep 19, 2022 (0 Comments)
This is the acceptance speech for the Art Prize Diana 2022. (Sorry, German only at this point) Danke! Ich muss mich im voraus entschuldigen. Ich habe über 25 Jahre außerhalb Deutschlands verbracht, und so kann es schon passieren, daß ich mich sonderbar ausdrücke. Auch wollte ich auf keinen Fall vergessen…
Kunstpreis Diana 2022, Danksag…
Sep 16, 2022 (0 Comments)
Open and All and Together (Project note)
Open and All and Together (Pro…
Sep 15, 2022 (0 Comments)
Offen und Alles und Zusammen
Offen und Alles und Zusammen
Aug 18, 2022 (0 Comments)
Possibly a fact. Definitely an opinion.
Possibly a fact. Definitely an…
May 27, 2021 (0 Comments)
Exploring mutations with
Exploring mutations with Playf…
Apr 26, 2021 (0 Comments)
Growing drawings
Growing drawings
Oct 31, 2020 (0 Comments)
Self medicated sleep deprivation. I think I. Remember that it works. At least it used to. It creates the illusion. Of quick decisions, a pretend-rational-bubble. It is a bit like being drunk on one’s own toxin-mix. Amplifiers can enter through the eyes, ears, mouth, skin. The possibilities are endless really….
Perchance to create
Dec 30, 2018 (0 Comments)
Schöpfung durch die Wunde
Schöpfung durch die Wunde
Sep 2, 2017 (0 Comments)
On Fifth Avenue the light was particularly strong, the shadows tripled as the light of the sun was not just direct but also reflected off the facades of the buildings, so purposefully. Tourists took pictures of tourists taking pictures. So many had come here to experience something meaningful and special….
Mona Kuhn’s “Acido Dorado”
Sep 19, 2014 (0 Comments)
Three circles inside of a larger one
Three circles inside of a larg…
Aug 26, 2014 (0 Comments)
bread and puppets and gateways
bread and puppets and gateways
Aug 24, 2014 (0 Comments)
at the edges of a place of art
at the edges of a place of art
Aug 23, 2014 (0 Comments)
Layers, imagined and imagined.
Layers, imagined and imagined.
Aug 21, 2014 (0 Comments)
Two Hand Drawings
Two Hand Drawings
Apr 20, 2002 (0 Comments)