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Exploring mutations with Apr 26, 2021   Art, Artificial Intelligence, Drawing, Machine Learning

playform_io_jpgHello Machine Learning. How are you doing, AI?
I just fed about 50 of my drawings and paintings into the platform and I am really excited about what the machines spit back out after about 2.5 hours.
My work is obviously full of permutations and variations of some themes. And while I have so far relied on my own ability to shift focus and create unique yet related drawings, the Playform system opens very interesting new possiblities. Would I have drawn most of these pieces? Probably not. But are some of them intriguing and interesting to me? Absolutely. I also love how human they feel and how they carry some of the emotion that I fed into the original “input” drawings and paintings.
I would love to continue this exploration. I would like to also restart parts of the exploration and maybe even feed the system some very specific drawings, designed to help it find interesting mutations. Going to try to get into their studio program. Feels so perfect. (They will probably read this and roll their eyes.)
I would like to use the images generated by in at least two obvious ways. One is to generate actual digital pieces that will probably remain in the space.
But I find the generated ideas so good that I would like to then pull them out of the digital space too and use them as starters of more analogue work that then can be eventually fed back as a next generation of mutations too. Also would be very interested in running the 888 photographs of Views of my tea through the system and also the 888beginnings drawings even at this stage.
It’s just really exciting stuff, especially because the interaction with the system is fairly straight forward. It is the kind of AI that I can actually use.

If you want to give me access to more computing time on the platform, just open an account with Playform using this link:

Untitled Project_26_0006.jpegUntitled Project_50_0006.jpegUntitled Project_32_0010.jpegUntitled Project_50_0010.jpegUntitled Project_13_0050.jpegUntitled Project_48_0050.jpeg


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