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Three circles inside of a larger one Aug 26, 2014   Art, Thoughts

Johnson, VT (Three Houses) 2014

Late August in Vermont seems to be the early summer of places south of here. Flowers seem to have just rushed upward as if the snow were already in the forecasts. The grass is actually greener, but maybe because it is that for a shorter period of time. The golden hour should be longer though, I might need to pay better attention to that.

The Vermont Studio Center is a place much larger than it at first appears. It takes a good amount of space to host over fifty artists and writers and to also give them proper studios.

Among the other facilities is a meditation room that I peeked into last night; a quiet room with a “banner for peace” at the head. I had seen the three red circles in a larger one on many houses on campus. But I was not aware of the concept they represented. I was not aware of the Roerich Pact. And it is such a beautiful and valid idea. Though not sure how well it has protected anything, especially shortly after it was signed in 1935. What should we think of a treaty that was signed by the same people who later unleashed destruction upon those they defined as their enemy? I guess the treaty just happened to be signed in incredibly violent times. So why would one have any bitter thoughts about something that was designed to be so purely important for all of us.

“Where there is culture, there is peace, and where there is peace there is culture.”

A lot of what we experience in contemporary violence comes from a very different mindset. Not everything can and should be translated into numbers. Certain ideas should probably not be translated into anything at all. And yet they should still be protected, so they can become the fertile ground for those we will never even meet. It is possible to send valuable messages and fragments of ideas into a completely uncertain future. And they should probably be something that is worth sending.

Watching two moths compete with each other to get closer to the only light bulb I left on in the room. The winner of this competition will get to be burned first. I should probably try to sleep soon.

It was an inspiring day today; perhaps because not much of anything very visible happened.

Looks like one of the moths won.


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