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August 19, 2008
wind powered so i switched to wind power about two years ago maybe? and it was incredibly easy (took about 15 minutes or so...) and it made me and the environment feel much better. now visitors to green section of yahoo have a chance to see a bit of my story (if the right ad is served.) I hope the ad makes at least one other person switch to wind power. If it is more than one person... even better. Oh, and yes, wind power does come with some higher cost to me, the consumer. In the worst case my electric bill pretty much doubled. It is not that the energy itself is so much more expensive, apparently, but the utility charges a good bit to "deliver" the electricity to me. now obviously the electrons that come out of my outlets are not coming straight from a wind turbine. con edison does not have a special guide that walks the electricity from somewhere in upstate new york all the way to the filaments in my light bulbs. still. there is some cost associated with whatever these guys do. which is okay. the slightly higher cost are making me slowly switch to more energy efficient ways of using electricity because of the way i feel about being directly associated with the generation of wind power. a bit like becoming vegetarian might one make like puppies more, maybe. so just for the psychological benefit's sake, it was very much worth switching.