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August 10, 2008
the now and the here... the watermelons sold around here are of the kind that is much closer to what i used to eat as a child. closer than that other new stuff. or maybe they are not really similar at all. not sure if we had 16 pounders with dark skin back in the day. sugar babies? not sure what the really heavy ones are called. i got one at the bangladesh store right next to 2b-thai on beverly road. it was the last one. no price was listed. some special value was negotiated for me between the owners. the sweetest watermelon of the year. so far. next season i will need to reorganize my "garden" a bit. i am not going to grow large sweet objects, of course. maybe a school of tough spicy plants. or would that be a flock? a field? a few boxes perhaps. i can hear a dog barking in the very background of the background's background. there is a chicken living in a backyard a block away rom here. and yet i live on an avenue designed by olmsted and vaux. a good mix somehow. the now and the here tend to be good places to visit. sweet.