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August 24, 2008
This ain't the Olympics. Different languages hit me in different body parts. When listening to Polish, the language arrives somewhere almost underneath my lungs, maybe a few centimeters below my heart. German kicks me straight in the back of my head. Wonderfully so. English is turning more and more into a diving experience. It is not that the language intrudes me, it is more like I touch my way into its universe. A bit like an almost completely dark room. And I know a bit where the table is, where the sofa is, where the... ouch... what did I just kick here? Some of the other languages I speak or like to listen to work in some other magical ways. Some more pleasant than others. And then there are the dialects. But I like diving these days. Language diving. And with the bubble of understanding shrinking around me, this whole experience is something that makes me smile (sometimes nervously...) now and then. Oh, and it is a bit like diving without my goggles on. But that's okay. At least I know that this is a very approximate experience. Oh, and why doesn't life have opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies and even a medal count (with a variety of interpretations?) It ain't the Olympics. No matter what some think.