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January 18, 2007
every four hours or so i emptied the content of a little glass container into my mouth and waited for the tiny white balls to dissolve. they were not really good at it. i had picked up some of that stuff at the back to the bank store on seventh avenue. the woman at the register must have been new. she did not know the majority of the codes. she also could not hide her slight disgust when she took some of that cold medicine out of my basket. i was officially the carrier of germs. like, so very not cool. and i think the stuff i took all day, mixed with some good old rest might have somehow worked a tiny bit. i am really feeling much better right now than i felt this morning. and i should feel much worse now, according to all common sense. i am now turning off the lights, one by one, preparing the systems to shut down for the day. we should all be up and running again tomorrow. i can feel the soft steps of recovery. and i paid off my mortgage today. i am now completely debt free. at least in the wild world of animal crossing. i can not get a bigger house. i managed to pay off the ever growing debt by playing the little game on my nintendo ds for more than six months. and it was good fun all the way. now i can focus on collecting art for the museum and donating money to those in need. fishing will also be on my schedule. oh, and i should be saving too, i was told. "there is no social security here," said the racoon store owner. there is some good wisdom in some of those little games. hmm... okay, this can not be what i came to this planet for. a regular sick day. now it is certainly time to get some rest. good night.