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January 18, 2007
room for improvement... (on any scale.) not sure i can believe that there is a true connection between some top chefs from imaginary indian hotels and the mix of curry and eggplant i just had for dinner. it is still burning on my very dry lips and i am not quite sure if drinking some filtered water would be the right way to help here. two for four. it actually was incredibly good stuff. on the coldest day so far i chose to take the c train two stops further than usual and to get out at a station i have never used before. i soon found myself all alone in the proximity of some fantastically built brick houses. few of them three stories high, several 30. then there were the many empty streets. then the atlantic railyards. then more empty streets. emptier still. then my shadow walked ahead of me. just to make sure i am not alone. it took me almost an hour to get home. i might take this walk again when the light is a bit better. and maybe natural. i also will try to take the walk on a day when i feel less sick. it is the night of the recycled paper and i am ready this time. there is tape and there are the clear bags. i washed the bottles and i separated the aluminum. last night, when i was not able to sleep at 4am. i also switched the electricity here to wind power. it was incredibly easy really. now i can at least have the illusion that the light used to see the screen here comes from magically renewable sources. I picked the purely wind solution. Also made sure that it is local wind. (NY & PA only.) would not want to be getting some wind energy that had to travel from somewhere really, really far away, just so i can feel better about having the light on here in the room, and maybe also in the other room... I think i will also try to maybe use less of the energy, no matter what the source might be. It will probably be a little more difficult, now that i ended up with a tv set. hmm... who knows. maybe there is a way. i think i will have some tea now. i think there is still some left over from this morning. No heat will be needed. oh, maybe it is time to tie together some paper. the packaging of that curry i just had could... oh, that's actually really, really bad. isn't it?... i wonder if the dinner arrived via sailboat or in the belly of a jet. oh, there is so much room for improvement. there always, always is.