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January 17, 2007
not even watching tv so i guess that i am a bit like a pressurized little cooker. give me a day or a longer weekend and i will just implode or at least get sick... so yes, i am at home, after the martin luther king day, sickish. with a cold. i am wearing more layers now than there might be in the earth's crust and yet i am still feeling like a cold pit in a frozen fruit. but the sun is beautiful as it pushes projections of fabrics onto the walls of my bedroom. and the sounds from the street remind me that not everyone stayed inside today. there are other hints of intelligent life, obviously. many actually. i just barely have the energy to look for them. though i did watch some television before. yes, i now have a television set. with many channels and even a dvr. insane. i did not have any tv for 2 years. when i first moved here to park slope, the apartment did not have cable and i did not have a tv set. so it was okay. i tried to get cable, but it turned out that i would need the permission from a woman in the building next door. she did not seem to like to talk to me. i was okay with just my web solution. oh, and i also have a good amount of books and even a pretty serious stream of magazines. then, recently, nintendo released a good game system. i walked into a store at 8 am, grabbed a bagel and bought a wii. i now had a wii. and no tv. so in the afternoon of the same day, a very angry cab driver brought be home with a television set. he was so angry because i made him drive to brooklyn during rush hour. it was not even the going to brooklyn that made him curse me and hit the steering wheel harder than i have ever seen before, it was the fear of going back to manhattan... hmm... i think he was okay once he got me here. okay, so i had a television set. i connected my dead cable to it, and wow, i suddenly had several channels. instead of keeping this discovery my little secret, i soon called the cable company and now i have some 2000 channels or something like it. and maybe one or two i sometimes watch. i pre record my television now. it is as if i were setting traps with the television guide in the evening. then, the next day i can see if what was recorded is worth watching. but now i am sick. i could just drain my brain and roll in front of the television. instead here i am, under covers, surrounded by layers and layers of layers. and i am not really doing much. or actually not doing anything. and writing about it. hmm... a bit of a sad thing really. i hope to be better soon.