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December 07, 2005
Even on a cold cold day. When you stare into darkness, it does stare back into you and when you walk through a field of flowers, not only do you enter the field, but the field will enter you, in some way, somehow, it will and it is going to change something about you. This poor man on the train today could not hold himself together too well, and so the smell of urin was spread around the car, pushed out by something new coming out of him. and he happened to sit right under a "12 year" whisky ad which featured a beautiful photograph of a glass half filled with that beautiful stuff, slightly yellowish from the oak barrels it had rested in for longer than some of the people on the train have been alive. and the line read something like "may your workweek be as smooth" and next to it was the same glass, with the same yellowish substance and there were ice cubes in this one, they were perfect ice cubes, like the one peter saville would have picked for a new order cover, and a tiny script underneath suggested that one should enjoy quality in moderation. I switched cars. The new and legal way. I left through the door and I re-entered through the door. In the station. While the train was in the station. Stopped. Relative speed zero miles per hour. it is very cold today. well, it is not really cold. it is just colder than one likes it when walking down the avenue towards a train or when one has to walk crosstown to get to another building, far away from home. Other than that, it is just perfect. It is as cool as it should be. And we are waiting for the snow to come and make the air so freshly crisply clean again. Make the air like what it must feel like for a sardine to breathe while rushing towards that other sardine and escaping from the sardine behind it, somewhere around the cooler waters of the ocean. And when the giant wave comes, the sardines breathing fresh water barely notice it, no matter how destructive it might become once it hits that unprepared shore. walking through the field of flowers, together with the other sardines who enjoy quality in moderation, one does not feel the change as much. And staring into darkness together is still very much messing up the sardine brains, even if it really does not feel too bad. Even on a cold cold day.