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December 06, 2005
some reasons for no apparent reason or how not dropping her pants for annie might have saved yoko's life. Annie Leibovitz was talking to someone in front of the building yesterday. She looked like a very wise human being, transported here from a very special age, a different age, one where most people spoke about ideas. Not other people. I hear Yoko did not want to drop her pants for Annie, and so only John did, and so on. We know that picture. John drops pants for everyone in and outside of the picture. Imagine all the people did that. Well, a part of the population, I mean. Does this make sense? I have seen many angry drivers in the streets around here recently. And there have been near misses in person to person encounters on the sidewalk as well. Somebody nearly hit my temple with their cane yesterday. A bag was pushed into my face. Track work on the B line would need a bit of an overhaul. I made a small animal sound when leaving the house today. There is a cat-dog roaming around as if we had not stated the species count loudly enough last time. Evolution? Intelligent design at work? What makes us think that progress has magically stopped once we realized that we have ourselves to talk about? Isn't yellowstone still a giant magma bubble? Aren't we in the process of being part of something that will turn the microbes we live for into something much greater anyway? And I somehow do not understand some museums and their illusion to be less ephemeral than a very well refrigerated mountain side or a swamp, or a dried out corner of a man made cave. If I had one person to fire today. It would be myself. I will now take my pen again and start creating some cat-dog-like creatures. I am apparently even less good at doing anything else. Though then again, there might be some thinking needed to define what "good" is. But that, seriously, is a much bigger question than most of the other questions. It is right up there with the one if it even makes sense to ask questions. Maybe not dropping your pants for Annie, can be that little thing that saves your life. Yoko could say that, no? I mean really.