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December 09, 2005
one more thing... I was given a little gift at lunch today. It was at the restaurant where I tend to finish all my meals. It was a little book about sushi. So very nice. It came in a little envelope with a bow on it. I was told that it was a gift for me because I was special. I felt most wonderful receiving it. I carried it in front of me for a while, as if it were a magical object looking for objects just like it. It pulled me into a church. It was the same church who's bells (the Glockenspiel) recently played "There's no business like show business." I am not kidding. It is the St. Malachy church, the one for actors who work on Broadway and so it does make sense. But what does this really imply when the bells of a church play this song? I do not know a short answer to this. I will now step out into the snow again. It is time again to spend about an hour underground. Life is so incredibly beautiful. It could not be that way if it lasted forever. Or maybe it actually does. Yes, it does. The signs of the bigger picture certainly point to that.