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December 05, 2005
sunny times, snowy times... there is snow on the ground here. the frozen water kind. things are beautifully quiet. i looked into the belly of my camera on the train and it felt as if the pictures had been taken in a completely different world. and they had been. my memories are still somehow scattered and i will need to spend some time in a very simple room to gather some of them so they can be turned into something even i can read. one thing that made me worry a bit at art basel miami beach was the exuberance and the hunger of the visiting crowd. some of the work available for sale was really bad. some of the work available for sale was a clear rip off of good ideas which have been had in a different place by other people. contemporaries, some not very old. that was the scary part. really. if it was enough to say "and he worked with a real architect" or "he went to a real military basis to do this" to let somebody run to get some cash... ("I don't actually care how you get the money. i am sure there is an atm somewhere near here, people have been coming back to me with cash for the last few days.") well, maybe we should be a bit concerned there... a tiny bit. well... if a bubble is about to burst... (which according to some sources is not supposed to happen for a year or so... While others just notice that there is some serious demand...) well, if the bubble is about to burst... then things will be a little sad for some... while others will probably not be very hurt... Let's just hope that those who will not get very hurt are going to be the ones who worked hard for whatever they have achieved. Or is that some outrageous thinking on my side? It probably is. (Still remembering that:"Honey, we just made three million dollars..." snippet of a conversation... which might have very well continued in "and so you are a loser and i am going home with jack." You never know, right? well, I certainly don't.)