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December 03, 2005
More than expected? The main event was probably as big and as intense as expected. Maybe about as much. What turned out to be truly exhausting were the other, additional events surrounding art basel miami beach. scope was a bit of an art pushing location. some of the visitors were somehow driven by factors not even good for the artists represented here. some of the gallerists were a bit near a fine line one would not like to cross when dealing with art. Some of the art finally was also in the proximity of some lines... (And I will explain later) AQUA, a show just a few blocks away and across collins avenue turned out to be a really excellent place to discover some quite good new work and some quite good new artists, as well some freshly created work by some o the old favorites. If one arrived in Miami Beach tomorrow and wanted to see something good, I would definitely recommend a look at the Aqua Hotel and the nice selection of galleries there. It was the greatest pleasant surprise of the ABMB2005 festivities... Oh, and what was that idea with the containers? (Too tired to write anything more now. )