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March 26, 2005
just have it. the tulips on the table next to me have almost rubbery looking leaves, there are twists and turns in them and once open, these reveal much smaller leaves that look like feathers on a singing bird. i pressed some button too many times recently and now I have a pile of fabric swatches sent to me from crate and barrel. the order confirmation screen looked like an error message, and so i kept pressing again and again and again... i received five or so envelopes. nice. it will take a long time before i manage to get a sofa. (and it has nothing to do with the swatches.) i only use tables and chairs and books and computers. there are no sofas or televisions in my house. and i do not miss television, though maybe not having the flickering screen somehow makes me less chatty. i also stopped building conversations that depend on anticipation and procrastination... there are so many incredible shows at the new york museums these days, I have no idea why I could possibly still be sitting at home... have a wonderful day. well, it already is a wonderful day... just have it.