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March 27, 2005
and i will go and get some of that. all bookmarks were just wiped out. not on purpose, of course, it was a silly mistake. (I am not sure where it began.) did not manage to even get the paper this weekend. somehow wanted to get it, but it did not happen. somehow did not manage to. not even that. so odd. maybe the delivery would be a great option again, though it might not be. the second glass of orange juice and i still feel like a wet towel. a towel that has been wet for a while, curled up under the sink, somewhere in an apartment... no, not that bad. just a wet towel. maybe folded. into a triangle. how is that? there are flowers about to really grow wild on basquiat's grave. somebody had also burned incents. there was a dry rose on top of the headstone. the clowns are still on the gravestone in the next lot. still in the same position... the basquiat show at the brooklyn museum felt a bit claustrophobic. the couples visiting looked stunning, there were some slightly insane people, like maybe that woman who would speak to anybody, loudly, out of her own devices. the visitors overall were a very diverse bunch. definitely local bunch... i know there is no such thing? i like the drawings most. the paintings are a bit large, though still dense enough to be their size. i like the paintings when they are layers upon layers of smaller drawings. maybe my mind is shrinking... maybe that's what is happening... i like the smaller drawings. it is a good show. it is hidden, on high floors, in a museum that feels a bit like a school-house, or maybe some other special institution. the rubens show at the met felt not as brilliant as hoped. the drawings here appeared as if rubens had been on the phone while drawing. or maybe the drawings were made to give clear instructions to an assistant. Some copies of the drawings were superior to the originals. that's dangerous... hmm... p p rubbens... the show felt a bit frustrating. small words in my head. again and again and again and again... sleep is a beautiful thing. and i will now go and get some more of that.