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August 01, 2003
instant upgrade

It was a family from out of town. Two oddly shaped men, a beautiful mother with a sleeping child in a carriage and a very annoyed daughter. They looked very lost and i could not resist to ask them if I could help them in any way.
The younger man asked me if I knew of any pizza places in the area and because we were on the corner of 49th and 7th, I told him about the closest pizza place just one block away. I leaned back against my wall. He thanked me, returned to talk to the others. I then heard him say:
"This man just told me that there is a fantastic pizza place just a block from here."
Fantastic pizza place? I never said that. In fact, the one I pointed out was not even the one I was thinking of.
Imagine I had told the man (the true story) that the pizza place was inside of what was supposed to be the first theme restaurant by David Copperfield* ... Hmm... New York is such a fun packed place...

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