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July 31, 2003
like a phone cord...

Another tour bus is turning the corner underneath my window. I have slept like a baby one of the really tiny babies though, the ones that wake up every few hours and cry. Nothing bad, really, just an odd constellation of stars, I guess, the ones far away and maybe even some much closer than that.
I looked out of the window towards New Jersey last night and there was a major, serious flash in the sky, as if a rather large piece of rock had entered the atmosphere, ready to hit West New York, NJ. There are no replays in life they say, but I can clearly remember the split second, the streak, the light.
But maybe my eyes are just deciding that they have been too bored in their sockets for the last few weeks, or that they are tired to be constantly sent to hunt down that elusive mouse pointer. Always the same few things they get to see, always the same short amount of light summer sleep.
No wonder they decide to come up with their own little stories sometimes. There could be a flash in the sky, a little crawling light on the table, maybe a person even, smiling at me out of a New York City lunch crowd?
I will need to take some time off, will travel back to Germany, September 12th is the date, Singapore Airlines will be the airline. (Sixt will provide the perversely sexy rental car...)
Maybe I will find myself on the narrow streets of a small town somewhere in France on September 19th and there will be an overly tired man behind one of the windows and he will write what I just wrote here, maybe with different players, different names, but very similar otherwise.


i have just come back from a month long trip abroad and its always nice to be reminded that things are done differently elsewhere. wish i wasnt here.

a young man took some time off and flew on september 12 from muenchen to nyc. on the flight, he was witness to many strange streaks of light in the sky. at first, he was quite alarmed and wondered if anyone else sitting next to the windows noticed, but no one seemed to see them, even though the brilliant flashes dashed by his window every couple minutes.

in the end he stopped worrying and slept for the rest of the flight.

on september 19 he found himself pulling over to stop at an orchard in massachusetts. he admired the trees heavy with apples, some ripe, some not. and when he came back to the main barn to pay for what he had picked, he noticed a woman sitting behind one of the registers. shed found a small window, a free moment to scribble away in her notebook. she looked very tired.

Posted by: takuan on August 1, 2003 12:26 AM
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