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August 01, 2003

She worked in the Romanian Postal Service (Posta Romana) back in the 60's. She was a good little postal truck that would go from mailbox to mailbos in the streets of Bucharest. It was 1971 or so that she even made it onto a 2Lei Stamp. She looked fast and reliable and was much more important than her driver, who was sent to the background, while she enjoyed the limelight.
After the revolution she was retired and sent to a place somewhere in Hungary. She was not used to carry letters anymore, only little farm animals, chickens a goat, some geese.
How much she wished somebody had written her a letter. This was not very likely to happen any time soon. Well, actually... you never know...




how long i have searched and searched for you! oscar had some how heard from a friend of a friend about your whereabouts and finally today someone gave me an address. they tell me you are doing well and that you are productive. how happy i am for you. someone must be taking very good care of you.

these years have not been as kind on me im afraid. things fall apart and it seems difficult to keep together. i barely run these days and when i do, it is only as a last resort, when the others are in the shop. and the winters, they get harder and harder. there have been many days when i simply cannot run at all. my bodys a rusty mess, my insides so noisy and if it were at all possible to go to hungary, i dont know that i would have the courage to face you except that i miss you terribly.

although it is a remote hope, it is my only hope that i see you again before i die. that is not true. i hope you receive this letter in good condition.


Posted by: takuan on August 1, 2003 11:01 PM

Dearest Theodor,
please do not give up now. Your letter made me so happy. My wipers just would not stop wiping for joy. So you are not lost. You are alive, you are alive!
If this letter reaches you, I will be probably almost ready to go and find you. Your message inspired me to teach one of the pigs here how to use the steering wheel. A friendly old dog will be working the pedals. I taught them in exchange for providing them with an escape vehicle... (me) There are several other animals which will come with us... We will escape from the knifes of the butchers, the hammers of the scrap-yard. We will escape to see you.
Oh, I can not wait to drive next to you again. We will gather our last gasoline, get a good oil change and drive through the fields and into the forests, where nobody will find us. There will be our place, there will be our new home, where we will be finally able to die, next to each other, maybe on a beautiful meadow, maybe on a hill, overlooking a village with a beautiful zip code. Maybe there will be a highway...
Oh, How much have I missed you, my dear.

Posted by: Witold Riedel on August 2, 2003 12:44 AM
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