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July 31, 2003
drawing blindly...

so tired right now... I just had to close my eyes... draw completely blindly... draw with closed eyes... And now it is obvious that much of my drawing does not even happen under the supervision of my eyes, but is very much in the memory of my muscles, tangents, my body. Muscle-memory is the expression for it I guess?... Is it that?... I find it interesting that I treat linear drawings so differently than areas of color... hmm, pretty obvious actually, isn't it?...
Outline drawing is a very intellectualized way of looking at things. Areas of color on the other hand are such real objects...
And yet, this area of color that appears like a different person, was created by drawing an outline... so it probably does not really count...
I am now going to sleep. Hope you are asleep as I am writing this...


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