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Take a rock. And look at it with your palm. Do you see how the billions of years it took to shape this rock are touching you. Carry the rock with you, if you can. In the palm of your hand might be the best. Perhaps in your mouth would…
Jun 5, 2023 (0 Comments)
It’s easy to burn candles at both ends. And the applause is lovely for sure. But can you forget that you are a candle and just glow? Can you turn into a circular candle and not even want to be alight ever? Just a fat ring of wax, holding on…
Both ends
Mar 7, 2023 (0 Comments)
March first. Think later. Imagine what is on the other side of this crazy brown hill ahead. And then the imagination will possibly reward you, if it is not very good. And it will punish you if the expectations it built are unattainable.The beautiful patterns of temples. The mosaics over…
Think later, or never
Mar 1, 2023 (0 Comments)
Here again
Here again
Feb 1, 2021 (0 Comments)
Self medicated sleep deprivation. I think I. Remember that it works. At least it used to. It creates the illusion. Of quick decisions, a pretend-rational-bubble. It is a bit like being drunk on one’s own toxin-mix. Amplifiers can enter through the eyes, ears, mouth, skin. The possibilities are endless really….
Perchance to create
Dec 30, 2018 (0 Comments)
Shadows Near a Path
Shadows Near a Path
Sep 3, 2014 (0 Comments)
About a Wall
About a Wall
Sep 2, 2014 (0 Comments)
The summer is leaving on a steamy ship. The air in New York feels like the inside of a bun sold in a Beijing street. Inside time has stopped for quite a few objects, and now we are arranging them into new and quite chaotic constellations. Plastic robots eat plastic…
The steamy ship
Sep 1, 2014 (0 Comments)
A particle among particles
A particle among particles
Aug 28, 2014 (0 Comments)
Right Time of Day, Just Not Here.
Right Time of Day, Just Not He…
Aug 6, 2011 (0 Comments)