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A particle among particles Aug 28, 2014   Thoughts, Time

New York (Taping) 2014

What happens when through a certain pressure or meditation or sleep one manages to pull away layers of varnish and outer surfaces? What can one expect in there? Is there an inner honesty? Or is it inner logic? Or are all of these still inventions and survival mechanisms for the interaction with others? What are others? Is there such a thing?

Where does the belonging to a group begin? Is it maybe the first act? And is that belonging shifting constantly as we move from year to year and from place to place from shape to shape?

We fall into the arms of humanity completely helpless and hungry? When does our ability to contribute to the complexity of the species begin; and not just the species? Is it very early on, when we force those around us to collaborate with us and have the feeling of survival or to flee?

And when does language begin to give us the illusion of reason? When do we start to enjoy the feedback and rewards and the little ways that are given to us by the systems that were passed on to us and allow us to demand and connect and shift by the mere use of words before or after or during actions?

When do we realize time?

It is possible to move closer to a certain core of things? And at the same time realize that one is a completely open something, without the well-defined edges that are imposed by defined words? A lot of what makes a certain level of understanding even possible makes the connection to the deeply creative state more complicated. One can achieve progress on all surfaces, and even between them. But it will be very different kind of progress, with a varying level of understanding.

A brushstroke is what took billions of years of preparation and accidents, and so is the click of a shutter, and even this very set of words here, and also the spaces between them. And the voice that reads them silently too. Everything is connected to everything that has passed, but this could also mean that everything has the potential to be the foundation for something that will take what is here as a stepping-stone or a tiny hook in chaos.

New York (Ribbon) 2014


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