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A layer of reality folding onto itself. Aug 18, 2014   Thoughts

New York (Folding onto itself) 2014

It appeared as if a thin layer of reality had folded onto itself. That seems to be the last piece I remember. A folded piece of matter that actually was not. Paper in the shape of a complex something, representing someting completely different. Oh, and what was the meaning of the two bright objects somewhere near the horizon this morning at 3:30AM? This is where I expected Venus to be. One Venus. Or at least I told myself that it was Venus. But last night there were two of them. How could that be? Perhaps I should just download an APP for that, and check the night sky. I should probably do that. Not write about odd observations here. It is not exactly necessary. Not when more important things happen to happen.

More important things always happen. And those who only speak about the important events potentially eventually become important themselves? Is that how it works? Is that what matters? And are those the ones who matter? The ones who only focus on the big and important and currently urgent challenges and stories and things? While a person who barely manages to capture a thought per day, one who somehow spends a portion of the waking hours observing the irrelevant, that person is perhaps the opposite? Someone on the other side of that folded piece of almost matter that could be reality?

Being able to spend time thinking about completely irrelevant anything, or being able to spend time just letting the forces of the universe align themselves, and be it in a folding, or warping, or growing or some other transformation, that might be one of the ultimate luxuries we always possessed as a thinking species. Something that is so utterly important to the individual within that larger living matter we see as thinking ourselves? Well, it is important to the mind, the soul, or whatever we might call that. Only the products or the potential outcomes of the idle mind are what matters to those who are the important ones. The ones on the other side of the folded reality?

I have the feeling this is all not exactly important. And the two star-like objects in the night sky will hopefully sit in the same spot again tonight. I have the feeling I might encounter them then. Though obviously there is no such thing as sitting in the sky, or encountering objects that are somewhere on the firmament. Unless one thinks there is such a thing.

Oh, what a luxury to be able to playfully confuse oneself and others.


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