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March 16, 2009
Schloß Hohenkammer for a morning. Walked around the castle this morning. There is a field in the back, waiting for its yellow color. the trees are currently covered with multiple layers of moss. birds are moving in slowly into the many homes prepared for them. what sounds like a joyful song could potentially be an angry territorial argument. it is still cold here, but the water around the castle is molten now and school of huge carp wait for their feeding, or maybe for the mosquito larvae which could also make a delicious snack. my room is like a snail house made out of oak planks and granite. so wonderfully quiet, calm, a very fine filter for concerns. perhaps the very tiny ones make it through. no big ones allowed. calmness. or slowness, as suggested by the Hamish Fulton piece in the lobby. there is a small one in my room as well. each room has a special one. there are 65 of them. also sat down in the old chapel of the castle. a Lawrence Weiner piece reminds about stone plus stone & stone and stone. stone and wood. we are just like water around them. calm now. going back for a short visit to munich now.