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February 21, 2009
create fleets of thoughts. fingers crawled into envelopes with bills and other odd unlovely questions. eyes glanced at some labels with alarming names, then flew through the world of interiors. pen crossed a t. dotted an i. i had a cup tea. was in no way upset about things i could be upset about. decided to not get attached to anything bound to pass either way. (nor attached to the way it might.) considered for a few moments if this was day number two or number three of today? and i did not have the answer. (it really depends, see?) some of the tulips out there are braver than others. soon the gentler plants will get to spend some time outside. i now might look at the insides of my lids for a few moments. how many days would God have taken off, had his task have been to create three worlds and pitch one other, to a reluctant audience? that whole 6-1 logic was invented thousands of years before the invention of mass media. humble beginnings. graceful endings. human scale processes. create fleets of thoughts.